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Gigant Prawn (Rosenbergii)

The jumbo shrimp (also known as the Rosenberg or Scampi shrimp) is one of the most popular and widely spread representatives of the crustacean family. The shrimp got this name because of its impressive size, which can reach 32–33 cm, and its average weight of about 250 g. The Rosenberg jumbo shrimp compares well by the perfect balance of the elements necessary for humans. One serving provides up to 32% of the daily intake of vitamin D, up to 100% of iodine, and up to 250% of potassium. The calorific value per 100 grams of product is 97 kcal, 22 g protein, and 1 g fat.

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Gigant Prawn (Rosenbergii)

The countryIndia
Cut typehead-on, whole
SegmentHoreca distributor
Size rangeU10, U7, U5, U3
Freezing typeIQF
Delivered by seaDelivered by sea
with temperature control
The product freezingThe product freezing
allows to preserve the tastiness and concumer appeal
Strict controlStrict control
allows to monitor the quality at the time of acceptance